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Culi EYE Media FoodLab
'feed your brand'
CONSULTANCY - RESEARCH & WRITING - STYLING & FX consistently brings our clients' products to their perfect best!


Your independent creative consultant in media-based Food & Drink communications. Working globally and closely with many top brand-marketeers, agency-creatives and film-directors. Helping to create robust strategic content, true brand potential advertising and commercials that’s got the edge in an ever-competitive market.

Contact us for a strategic 'out of the box thinking brainstorm' or 'in the box practical handling on set'. We support with the idea from scratch, during PPM processes, up to and including the results of visualization.

Culi EYE Media; ‘FEED YOUR BRAND’ and be unique and distinctive in your Food & Drink product visuals!

Research & Writing

Your independent creative partner in media-based Food & Drink research and writing. Writing about Food & Drink (-Pairing) is not an exact science but a combination of knowledge, being able to identify flavors and based on that… daring to combine them. But, above all; taste, taste and taste again! From my experiences in a world of international cuisines, product development and advertising, the love for Food & Drink was born and grew into 'ART'! (Beer-specialism: www.bierstyling.nl)

Contact us for ‘advertorials and pairings with a bite’, advertisement in newspapers and magazines… or mouthwatering content in cookbooks!

Culi EYE Media; ‘FEED YOUR BRAND’ and be unique and distinctive in your Food & Drink product information!

Styling & FX

Commercial desire brought to you through the art of Food & Drink styling and FX-techniques. It's all about; cool, fresh and hot, (fast)food and drinks, toppings, ice-creams, chocolates, coffees and beers, catching the right perception for the eyes in advertising photography, film-commercials, shooting life action, table top, high-speed and more...

"Food is a true universal language that brings us all together."​ It's our passion to create amazing Food & Drink visuals!

Contact us and let's get infected with the food-frenzy craze ;-)!

Culi EYE Media; ‘FEED YOUR BRAND’ and be unique and distinctive in your Food & Drink product visuals!

F & B solutions

Perfect film fries

Perfect fast food

Food demos

Cheese pulls & pizzas

Film yoghurt

TB yoghurt effects

Yoghurt art

Controlled rigging

360' ice-cream balls

Ice-cream combinations

Chocolat effects

Film chocolats

Chocolat pouring

Liquid solutions

Liquid effects

Liquid sfx

Splash systems

Swirl effects

Coffee machine effects

Liquid shots

Various ice models

Frost effects

Color corrected liquids

Cap explosions



Cool effects

Steam effects

Organic particles

What's in a name?

Media FoodLab Culi EYE: Foundation by Cees Visser during the 90's in Amsterdam and Paris by education 'Academie d'Art Culinaire' and experiences in culinary product development 'de Cuisine et de Pâtisserie'. Cooperation behind the scenes and on set with agency creatives, artistic directors and global SFX-teams was established rapidly.

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